Sacrafice Today, Live Better Tomorrow!

Sacrifice is one of the hardest things that entrepreneurs have to learn to do with ease. This concept is one that I UNDERSTAND but I have a hard time actually putting in place. I have taken my life and made a list of the importance’s contained. I have prioritized these, allowing to make decisions much easier.
First comes my family, which includes all of my relatives and close family and of course my girlfriend Lina. Next comes my business, which I am building to support my family and lifestyle for the rest of my life. Then comes my physical and mental health. This needs to be taken care of before some of the other things lower on this list, as obviously you NEED to be in a healthy state to satisfy the things above. Then comes my friends and extracurricular activities. This can be an endless list of things. But NONE of these things will come in between me and my first 3 priorities. Your TOP 3 absolutely have to be taken care of first.
There have been many, many moments over the last 2 years that I have had to pause and really make a responsible decision about what I am doing or asking myself if I should be doing a certain thing. Does this prevent me from satisfying one of my Top 3? Video games are easily one of the best examples I can share. I enjoy video games as I am sure many people do as well. During my years in High School, I was a heavy Call of Duty fan and logged hundreds of hours playing with my cousin Dylan. Of course, my enjoyment of video games has never really faded, and I sometimes still get the urge to turn on the Xbox One that is covered in dust under my TV and throw in Battlefield One and start sniping people across the map, but then I start thinking about productivity. In the 2 or 3 hours I spend playing, I could be doing COUNTLESS other things that could be greatly benefiting my business. Writing this blog post takes time, and so does printing t-shirts, and so does shipping orders! Imagine that! Running a business takes time. I have learned to curb the “unproductive” activities and rather spend that time actually working. This then allows me to satisfy my Top 2 and get closer to the end goal. Pushing the videos games out of my life has enabled me to be way more efficient with my time.
Now, I understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. You have to do what works for you. I am not endorsing an unhealthy lifestyle by WORKING 24/7 even though that works for some people, I certainly couldn’t do it and wouldn’t suggest that for you either! But you have to realize in the grand scheme, all of the little things do matter. Run an audit of your weekly schedule and see what things can be trimmed or eliminated completely! Organize a list of your Top 3 or 4 priorities in your life and then assigned all of your priorities to your tasks. See what fits where, and it will be much easier to see where there is room for trimming! 99.9% of people in the United States could benefit from this type of action. Either they are too comfortable or just don’t care. Be part of that .01% that steps up and HELP YOURSELF, HELP YOU. You are the only one that can do it. Prioritize your activities and realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you will get there a lot fast and easier by making these sacrifices today!
I hope this post brings some value to you, and you actually take some time to try what I said. I promise you will find value if you APPLY YOURSELF! Email me at if you need help or advice! Until next time, #BUILDUP
-Jaryd Wright
CEO, Money Built

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