New Direction!

Wow… It has been 12 days since I have last posted… That is definitely not the way I want to be going! That is starting a downward trajectory and I need to get that in line and corrected. Anyways, I have some new things going on in my world!

I am excited to announce that I am finally going back to school! I have had a pretty negative outlook on school pretty much since the time I was still in high school. I always found school to be TOO easy and found myself easily completing tasks and schoolwork with ease and thought that I was just too good for the system. By the time graduation came, I was embroiled in a mental battle that I could rule the world and school would never be in my benefit. So school was pushed FAR to the end of the mental checklist and I went off into the world vying to create a future on my own.

Here I am, 6 whole years later, starting where I had previously left off. I DO NOT REGRET making those decisions one bit. The amount of world experience that I have gained, the people I have met and relationships I have fostered are invaluable. I almost am happy that I am taking this alternative method to getting my education, as I am now here with much more humble eyes and an outlook on life that provides me eternal hunger for learning and success. I have started multiple brick and mortar businesses and had varied degrees of success with each, and with each I come away with a new lesson. Now that I have learned some things both positive and negative, I am ready to strap up and hit the books again.

I am going back to Highline College in Des Moines where I had initially taken a couple online classes back in the Winter of 2014. I am starting fresh on a new program of study, which is an Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications. This degree will train me formally on some of the techniques and processes in professional graphic design and hopefully provide me experience necessary for an entry level job in that field. This degree also allows me the opportunity to transfer to a school or technical program that will further train me and provide me with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design.

My thought process leading up to this new journey has been VERY long and thought provoking. I struggled internally for the last 2 years with pressure from my wonderful girlfriend who is currently attending PIMA to pursue Nursing, to go back to school but to make sure that it was for something I am passionate about. I also dealt with the mounting financial strain that comes with adulting and unsure of how exactly to go about re-enrolling in school. I am forever terrified of being strapped down or trapped in a situation that I don’t like, but I am realizing that sometimes you just have to swallow the pill.

Come September 24th, I will be back in the classroom and again vitalizing my mind with new lessons and forms of art. I am excited for this change but scared at the same time. Only time will tell how this new direction will unfold.

I will be updating the blog every day for the next few days so don’t be a stranger! Email me if you have any questions or need any help! Until next time, #BUILDUP

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