Sacrafice Today, Live Better Tomorrow!

Sacrifice is one of the hardest things that entrepreneurs have to learn to do with ease. This concept is one that I UNDERSTAND but I have a hard time actually putting in place. I have taken my life and made a list of the importance’s contained. I have prioritized these, allowing to make decisions much […]

Entrepreneurial Journey Introduction

I want to start a new blog category, re-telling the history of my Entrepreneurial Journey. On top of this new category, I will also begin documenting in words the life that I am living and the steps I am taking to become a better and stronger Entrepreneur every single day! I am planning on posting […]

Late night dinner with @linaleezy going over some new design ideas. Growing this business together is truly an empowering feeling. Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is not easy, but it is more satisfying than continuing to clock that 9-5 week after week. We are just getting started and will continue to grow both as a team and as a business. We hope you jump on board and grow with us ✊🏼📈

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Starting Money Built is more than just a cash grab using a clothing brand. I am passionate about building businesses, and making the highest quality clothing. I am putting the two together and including all of you. I am here to build with YOU ————————————— I enjoy talking business with other people and helping teach people that there is more than just a 9-5. Motivation is all it takes. You seriously can do whatever you dream to do, it is only a matter of determination and perseverance. Let Money Built guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. #buildup

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